Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy birthday bradley!

Happy birthday bradley!!! bj's birthday was last thursday, the big 22! woo hooo!!!! i wanted for everything to be a surprise for him that day but either im really bad at keeping a secret or he is good at guessing whats gonna none of it was really a surprise but we still had fun! we skipped class and went rock climbing that afternoon at dyno rock in arlighton. i had been rock climbing before in provo, but it was the kind where you dont use harnesses or anything so its only your strength, which i dont really have, so it was kinda lame. but THIS time we were able to use harnesses and stuff and we had so much fun! my fingers were killing me by the end of the afternoon but i think we will def. go do it again.

the picture frame i gave him..kinda cheesy but i dont really care. haha.
at dyno rock!
our shoes...
and us!
that night we went to eat with bj's family and i was going to bring my camera but i totally forgot. it was really fun thought. they made bj hold salt and pepper shakers, and shake everything except the shakers while they sung their birthday song. of course started shaking everything and our waitress, who was black, stopped singing bc she was so surprised by the way he danced..or maybe that he was dancing at all.. haha. it was pretty funny.

aside from that we have just been doing the school and work is going good, but i think our nutrition class is gonna be more studying than we thought. brads manager joe came in town this weekend for work stuff... i think it was fun for brad to get to spend some time with a boy. haha. we dont really know anyone in mansfield so it was kinda nice to go out with some random people.

so on a different note, iv read a few different places that if you voice your goals to other people, that you are more likely to keep them. SO, after many failed attempts to run every morning, i am now trying this ltitle theory and letting you all know that bj and i are going to start running every morning together! wooo hooo. i really want to run a half marathon at some point. about a year ago i felt the same motivation so i signed up AND paid for one...but my money went to charity bc i never ran it. haha. i jusifed it by saying it was "for a good cause"....haha....SO. yea. if we run every morning, hopefully we will be able to run one sometime in the future. but right now that is not the goal, its just to actually get out there and run everyday. when i dont run i notice such a difference in how much energy i have. so now its out there, and we are sticking to it! anyway...i hope yall are all doing good and im sorry ive been such a sucky blogger lately! i do however read all of congrats sayme and emily on your new babies...they are so cuteee!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

hi again!

HELLO all! well we FINALLY have the internet (after 2 weeks of waiting)...and our blog will be back in action! we are back in texas..woo hooo.... living in mansfield ( an hour or so south of denton). we started school a few weeks ago.... our heavy load of weight lifting and nutrition are killing us. haha. just kidding. we were not able to take as many classes as we would of liked but they were pretty much all full.... next semester we will have to make up for it. well anyway, i plan on posting pictures and updating more but me and bj have to go study for a nutrition test we have next week, so i will update when i ahve some more time.. and ill do mariannes tag thing. so...i hope all is good with yall!!!! have a good day!