Sunday, June 24, 2012

woah is me

disclaimer: profanity to follow.

there are many things the husband and i are not, but a constant in both of our personalities is that we are easy going. contention, anger and other emotions of the sort are not  typical in our home.  and i love that. we are more of the ignore-each-other-for-a-while type fighters rather than the scream-all- up-in-yo-face type. so, i can confidently say that the environment in our home is one of peace and ease.

the peaceful feeling in our home is one of those things that makes me feel good, like we are doing something right. i love seeing that Kate is secure, happy and confident to explore her curiosities. obviously, i credit some of this to what i believe is a happy, safe environment. i feel the security of our home and she feels it, too.


....enter Mack, our dog. who i really do not love. at all.  and whom i cuss at. maybe a lot.  Kate probably thinks his name is actually that damn dog or, depending on the day and number of indoor potty accidents, possibly shit head. when i let him out to go potty, if he does not come back after the first call, i have started shutting the door secretly hoping he runs away. and when he pees on our fresh, NEW carpet that was laid not even 6 months ago, i most definitely yell. and am full of anger. lots of it! and that whole peaceful environment...yes well. about that. it kinda goes out the window.

and really, i need to get a handle on this. because unless he runs away (fingers crossed... kidding, kidding!), we are keeping him, FOREVER. i refuse to add Mack to my long list of dogs i keep heartlessly giving away, despite my husbands requests. i say heartless because i literally feel no remorse. zip. zero. none. that added to the fact that Kate LOVES him. like, really loves him. throughout the day she chases him around and terrorizes him, just laughing and laughing and laughing. the scene is straight of of a freakin' movie. and i do like the idea of a dog. a lazy dog that follows us around all day just being all mopey and cute and sleepy. not an over energetic dog that pees everywhere! what the hell. who would want that? fact: NO ONE. yesterday i was literally sitting right next to him and he sat up, squatted and peed RIGHT THEN AND THERE. no warning, no whining, no trying to hide it from me! right on the carpet. twice. come on, man!

so basically what I'm trying to say here is that I'm sorry. if in the future my child plays with yours and she pushes them away forcefully, tells them to go play in traffic, or calls your child a shit head... my deepest condolences go out to you and yours, for i am truly sorry. but please rest assured that i do not talk to my child or husband in that fashion. i am simply potty training a dog who seems hell bent on proving he is worth only what we paid for him; nothing.

so again, my apologies.

((also, are you worried there is a special punishment in the afterlife for animal haters like myself? ..ME TOO))

the damn dog: