Thursday, November 29, 2007


we got a dog! bj came home a few weeks ago and surprised me with a littl black lab. she is so adorable.

and this was us at 5am the morning after getting her, which was also a sleepless night by the way.....i think bjs exact words were "screw children, we are never having them"....hahah.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


so ive decided to take up a new hobbie- scrapbooking. bj and i recently picked out a scrapbook together. ive been looking up different ways to scrapbook and looking at magazines, websites ect....and i am super excited! im not sure i will be that good at it but i cant wait to start! if yall have any tips or things that would be helpful for a beginner scrapbooker- let me know! ps...scrapbooking always reminds me of heather (john) himmer. partly because i know she loves scrapbooking and even has one of those scrabooking roll bags (i secretly want one now)..haha... but it MOSTLY reminds me of her bc she had her car stolen one day while working at a scrapbook i was typing that i realize that unless heather herself has told you the story, you are probably thinking im if you know heather, get her to tell you the story. its hilarious.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

christmas music.... was the first time of the season for me to hear christmas music. i found it a little odd though considering how early is it. but, i wont argue bc i love love love this holiday season. i have alot of catching up to here i go! a few weeks ago bj went back to his mission for a baptism of a guy he taught while he was there. some guys from his mission met him out there and they had a blast. he was there all weekend and loved every second of it. bj served spanish speaking in roseville, california. the areas he served in were very poor, high in crime and there were like 2 white people in the whole place. keep that in mind, so, when he got home from his trip he asked me if i would ever consider moving there because the people are so great and he loves the place so much. how cute is that?? it only made me love him more and i LOVE that he loves his mission so much, but i had to pass on that offer. haha... and just a little side note that i think is so funny, he has also asked me multiple times if we can speak mostly spanish in the home when we have kids (i dont even know spanish...haha) AND he is watching the latin grammys right now as i type. seriously. hahaha.

the five boys on the left top row are all boys he served with, and the others are a family they were visiting.

a week after bj returned home from california we went to san diego to take off on our first cruise! it was a company cruise (for the company bj worked with this past summer)and was great. it was four days, with one day in cabo san lucas. we dont have any beach pictures because our camera turned on in our bag on the airplane on the way there and was almost dead by the time we got on lame, i know. anyway, the cruise was great...except for the small detail that i ate my weight in food on the ship. it was seriously WRONG. haha. i kid you not. they had buffets all the time, including an ice cream bar that was open 24-7 and you could order 12 dinners if you wanted.....when we got home bj told me that the cruise brought out a whole new side of my appetite and that he had never seen this side of me. haha. he actually said that. haha.

on our way off the boat we met a couple that had gone on 109 cruises.....can you imagine? i would be as big as a whale if i ever did that. haha. bj and i decided that overrall cruises are so great, but next time we will choose one that stops a few more times bc being on the boat too long can give you cabin fever. or at least thats what it did to us.

this was our room...
just us....
there was a halloween night and we were.....wearing UT shirts and cowboy hats. haha....i know, we tried REALLY hard....haha.
and this....well this has nothing to do with the cruise....but i had to post it. tuesday on our way home from school we saw a horse cop, and he actually had someone pulled over! made us laugh so we took a picture. too funny......

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i just sat down to write a nice, long blog...but bj got a call from some guy for a job he is doing for him, so this is going to be cut short. BUT, tomorrow there will be a long long blog with lots of pictures for all of you to look at :). until then, here is a picture just because pictures are fun. we carved pumpkins a while back and ended up in a pumpkin gut war...this was the out come. haha.