Friday, August 26, 2011

sick babe

baby kate is sick and it's sad. on tuesday night before bed she cried for like 20 minutes acting like she was hurt and the same thing happened at 1:ooam that morning. i called the nurse at her doctors office and she wanted kate to come get her ears checked for a possible ear infection. so on wednesday we went to the doctor. twice actually. he ruled out ear infection and constipation but said that she is probably coming down with something from being on a plane and that she may be teething too. he said to give her tylenol for the next couple of days and she should be fine. that afternoon i noticed a rash on her legs and some random small bumps on her. they were pretty subtle but i wanted to know if she was allergic to tylenol ...or if it was some horrible disease that was going to kill us all. clearly that was next in line. so, back to the dr we went. turns out he doesn't care about the rash on her legs or bumps on her body. he said it was probably a side effect from whatever she is fighting and that it may spread over her whole body before she gets better. uh, what? she also had a little diaper rash in between her fat rolls when we went the second time and he told me to put cortisone cream on it and sent us home.

so i have been obeying and giving her tylenol every couple of hours. me and google though...we were bffs yesterday. and lets not pretend... we probably will be today, too. no fever or cold symptoms, yet she is "sick", not acting herself, cuddly, not wanting to eat, sometimes in pain, a rash on her legs (...that maybe has mostly cleared up), irritated skin between fat rolls and super fussy? sounds fishy to me.

so far google and i have diagnosed her with mrsa, numerous bacterial infections, meningitis, eczema and other various diseases that i cannot remember or pronounce.

i suppose its safe to say that i'm a first time mom and apparently i like to do first time mom things. regardless, i hope she is back to her happy self soon.

3 months

at 3 months kate

-gives lots of smiles
-a few giggles
-thinks weird noises are funny
-not too much of a snuggler...tragically
-has a bit of a flat head....mostly on the left side. hopefully it will correct itself..if not, bring on the helmet i guess
-a VERY light sleeper and has a hard time sleeping anywhere but our house.
-in size 2 diapers
-hates tummy time

kate is still such a good and relaxed baby. she is happy and will smile at almost anything now. except when she is tired. sheesh. if she gets held the wrong way or her head bumps my shoulder while she is sleepy...she turns into this little drama queen and it's basically the end of her world as she knows it. she still has her love affair with the fan and likes to flirt with it all day long. she sleeps great during the night and as long as i feed her at 10pm, i usually don't have to feed her again until 7am. she won't eat as many ounces a day as she is "supposed" to, but her little rolls are getting more delicious everyday so i don't think there is anything to worry about. she loves being outside and her warm baths.

i packed up kate's size 3 month pajamas yesterday. sad! when i packed up her newborn stuff i was so eager for her to start smiling and laughing that i was actually excited she was growing out of her clothes. yesterday though, i was a little sad. i realized that she is going to keep getting bigger and there is nothing i can do about it. i am soo excited for her to grow and the fun milestones that come along with all of that.... but in that moment i felt like i wanted to go make 10 more little babies as fast as i could so i just could keep 'em comin. i love this little baby and everything about being her mama. she has been sick the past couple of days so sleep has been hard to come by...but even during those days, i feel like this is what i'm meant to do. it just feels so good. if there is a place in heaven to take care of babies all day, sign me up!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

houston trip

july 21st my sister, caroline, had her twin boys. last week i flew down for 5 whole days to meet them, introduce them to kate and spend time with my family that lives in houston. i had a blast. with 3 babies and 1 car we couldn't drive anywhere, which was actually perfect. we had a lazy 5 days and it was amazing. yummy babies, good conversation, good food, laughs, some cleaning here and there and lots of trashy reality television... it was great. my dad and lynn came just about everyday to catch up and hang out. the days went by too fast and i can't wait to see everyone again at christmas!

sweet baby boys
papa and kate
dad and lynn
levi and kate
trying to get a shot of the 3 babies and us...hardly any of them turned out but we laughed pretty hard in the process

Monday, August 22, 2011

you can do it all by yo self

kates nursery is a bit of a work in progress. after a flake out from one of bjs clients, two broken shipments of furniture from amazon, and a month long wait from babies r us....we finally have all of our nursery furniture. so, my latest project has figuring out what i want on the walls. i have been drooling over various ledge shelves for a while now. i wanted them in the nursery so i could display more than a few pictures without it looking cluttered. i went to ana-white again and found these.

after the shelves were done i spray painted some frames white and the project was complete. i finished this project in one day and am really happy with how it turned out. woop!

starting materials
painted and hung
finished product!

i'm probably a little too proud of myself for this project, considering all i had to do was paint and nail the wood together. but i am. hooray!

Friday, August 12, 2011

mean mom

the sound i'm making in the video is what kate sounds like when she "talks" to us....when i make it back to her, for some reason she cries! after i make it a few times, her bottom lip sticks out really big and she starts bawling. its the funniest/saddest/cutest thing ever.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

week in review

last week was good. naps were rough in the beginning of the week bc i was attempting to stop swaddling kate. it's so hot and she wakes up so sweaty that i feel bad. but no. she doesn't really sleep if she isn't swaddled. so the swaddling will continue. on monday she started smiling a TON. it's weird how it changed all of the sudden. she smiles all day now. its the cutest thing. she laughed for the first time too and it basically rocked my world. on thursday night and sunday night she slept from 8- 7:30 with NO snack breaks! yeaayoooooo. it's only happened those 2 times but i'll take it!

friday night we got a babysitter and went on a date. bj took us to this hole in the wall mexican place where no one spoke english and we had no where to sit. it was DELISH though. places like that remind him of his mission so he loooves them. after dinner we had a nice conversation about how the owners/employees of that run down place were so happy and humble. they live in their own little world and are completely content not keeping up with the latest or being involved in a crazy work schedule. bj mentioned that part of him wished that when we moved to phx that we had of moved into a small duplex and lived more of a simple life for a little longer.

in my head: picturing us living more of a student-y lifestyle rather than the family type of lifestyle we live. living in a small, but cute, duplex. but on a safe street. being a bit more frugal than i am and just enjoying life.

his head: picturing his mission (small, ghetto towns in northern cali. ghetto meaning some houses had dirt floors. for real). us living in a small duplex. on any street. where english and shoes are optional.

i didn't realize our miscommunication until he said "ya we could have bbqs and invite them over".

me:"invite who over?? the people we just bought our food from?"
bj: "ya"
me: "we don't know them. they don't speak english. and i don't speak spanish.".
bj: "you could learn, it's really easy"

and he was completely serious. haha. hhmm. interesting theory, beejers. i love that he loves his mission so much though. and that's why we will be going to visit in september. not move a neighborhood that resembles it.

today was kates first day in the kids klub at the gym. i was really nervous but it went great. i was the first one there and she slept the whole time.

well this is one of those posts that i have been adding stuff to for a few days but is pretty boring. for my personal record. sorraayyyy.