Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the bachelor (did you really think i wouldnt?)

my vote:


sorry all you Melissa lovers but i think molly is going to take the cake. this may change during the last episode but from events thus far i think Melissa will get the ax.

PS- the tell all episode was whatever, i am ready for next week already. and was it just me or is Natalie a big fat CRAZY???

a few of my favorite quotes from her:

jason: tell me something real about you. something under all of the sports and clothes

nat: ummm...i LOVE bears. i really really do.
jason: like koala bears???
nat: no, just in general.

"i mean look at me. i am VERY attractive. who does he think he is, GOD?"

oh gosh... she is crazy. and the things she was saying last night didn't even make sense.

i cannot wait until next week.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


tristan: whats in gum???
kat: (reading off the package) blah blah blah....i dont know. a bunch of weird stuff.

i put down the gum package not thinking anything of it. i look at him and he has a confused look on his face while slowly removing the gum from his mouth

kat: (laughing) No no no no no. it is just stuff i dont recognize . its okay to eat though.
tristan: (while giving me a suspicious look) okay.....

a few seconds later sheepishly is trying to find somewhere to put his gum.

kat: are you throwing your gum away?
tristan: umm...no

he puts the gum back in his mouth really fast but for the rest of the ride home, about 10 min, he does not chew it. just lets it sit there. it was soon forgotten though, the next day he promptly asked me for a piece of gum when i picked him up from school.
bj: do you have a bike buddy?
tristan: no
bj:oh. do you know how to ride one?
tristan: no. but if you want to get one for me, thats okay with me you know.
kat: go put these clothes up in your room
tristan: ahhh i cant. my legs are broken
kat: okay but if you dont finish your chores you cant watch cartoons, remember?
tristan: ummm....i can still crawl, you know.
there are so many more but i cant remember them all right now. he is so funny. he is always saying "you know" at the end of every sentence. not as in the question "...you know???" but more like an informative "you know". i kept wondering where he got it from until i was talking to my mom the other day on the phone and heard her say it so many times. so funny what kids pick up on.

he is always asking why, which is funny in itself bc its so...cliche? i dont know. just like something off the movies. if i drink water, he wants to know why. bc im thirsty. why? bc i went running. why? bc i ate too many cookies. why? bc im a hungry girl. why? i was born that way. why?.....and really, i dont even notice most of the time....except sometimes i dont know the answer. but dont worry, i make something up real quick that sounds good ;-)

oh yea i forgot to brag. bj and i actually got the 'best parents of the year' award yesterday. so soon, i know. how did we manage? easy. yesterday during out first run-in with a FULL BLOWN kicking screaming temper tantrum, bj kindly told him if he broke anything in the car he could sleep outside with the dogs... and i called him by the wrong name. nice. trying to be stern and call him by his full name, i gracefully said "tristan (long pause to think of his middle name) LEWIS ..YOUNG! i mean INGRAM!!!".

ahhh yes. quite amazing we could do so well in such a short amount of time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Bachelor

I love my huband but I think this guy has a tiny part of my heart too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the bachelor last night. I am very happy that Naomi was eliminated. She was okay but I think Jason only really liked her bc she looks like Eva Mendes.

need I say more?
They didn't seem to have real chemistry or something. I really like the 3 remaining girls and I cant decide who I want eliminated next. I cant WAIT until the episode where the girl from last years bachelor comes back!!!! I didn't watch it last year but it still looks so good.

A few of my favorite parts from last night:
1. the eulogy that Niomis mom made Jason give at the dead birds funeral. I was embarrassed for her.
2. The hula hooping at Naomi's parents. that whole segment at her house was pretty entertaining actually.
3. The part when Melissa introduced Jason to her friends Joe and Stephanie - bc i know them! well okay I have met them once. Bjs best friend married into Joe's family. I still got really excited though.
4. When Naomi was eliminated she told Molly and Jillian she loved them and all she said to Melissa was "good luck". Its okay though bc I have the same feeling about her being eliminated next too.
5. The preview for next week. And the preview where the old girl comes back and makes Jason cry. I cant wait.
And of course tonight is:

There really was a time when if someone asked what shows I watched I replied "Oh, I don't really watch T.V", and it was actually true. I think its safe to say those days are over.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

weekend happenings

This weekend was a fun one

Friday night:

1. went hiking. Bj got off early on Friday so we took the time to go hiking with the pups. I forgot my camera like a dummy, but it was really fun and SO pretty.

2. went to applebees with Al and Jeremy. before 7pm they have 1/2 price appetizers. we definitely got mozzarella sticks, artichoke dip, and hot wings. they were each like 3 dollars, we couldn't help ourselves. 3. went bowling after that. I bowled a 167 in one game. not sure how that happened but it was fun for everyone to think I was really good at bowling for that round. The two rounds after I proved otherwise though.
4. went to golden spoon. SO GOOD. If you don't have golden spoons where you are, I am sorry. It is a frozen yogurt place they have here in the valley. A small has under 100 calories and they come in like 20 different flavors. so stinkin good.


1. went to the driving range. I had never been before and it was actually really fun.

2. a miracle happened- Bj bought some clothes for himself. For those of you who don't know my husband, he does NOT shop. ever.
3. went to golden spoon, again. while we were out I wanted to go to the used book store to get the next book in the shopaholic series. Bj sat there and thought about it for a second and said "I'll trade you the used bookstore for goldenspoon". ahh, he knows the way to my heart. frozen yogurt. plus he hates it when I read. Sounds odd, right? He says I "neglect him and the world" when I have a good book. It's true I do. But its still pretty funny. I ended up getting the book anyway. score.

It was a really fun weekend and we had such nice weather here. I can't believe its the middle of February though. Is that weird to anyone else??
Right now Bj is singing a song from our bedroom that goes something like this (to the tune of I'm proud to be American) "I love Katherine blogging all freaking morning and I want to shoot her.... Right now she is sooo boring". I think that's my que to get be done here. So I am off.
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ho hum

well I am supposed to be creating an LLC for bj right now, instead I'm blog stalking. Very productive.

For those of you who don't know, I am slightly (completely) jobless at the moment. I had this "great idea" to sell alarms a few months back, so I quit my normal job to sell alarms. It was okay. Then it got cold. and I never sold alarms again. I have been job hunting though and I have a few interviews lined up, so keep your fingers crossed!

I have done a few productive things today though:

1. Got a fabulous hair cut. The last girl (who will remain nameless) butchered my hair when I had her cut it. She probably thought that bc it always looks messed up anyway that I may not notice if she cut it like crap. On the contrary. I am VERY particular about my haircut. I went to a new girl here in Gilbert today and i loved her. very happy about that.
2. Worked out.
3. Cleaned out the fridge
4. Cleaned the shower ** second least favorite chore in the WORLD. vacuuming the stairs comes first.
5. Made a vet appt for the pups tomorrow.
6. Returned the shoes I bought bj for Christmas.
I could name a few more little things but they are not that important or interesting. Actually none of this list is, but like I said, I don't have a job at the moment.

I mentioned that bj also had a hair cut a few days ago. Kind of ironic that I am so particular about mine, and then I butcher his. His was definitely not so fabulous. This is what happened:

It's like 10:00pm or something. I'm in bed reading the host (by Stephanie Meyer. the first 200 pages are dull but after that it gets soo good). Bj is in the bathroom buzzing his hair. growing up his mom has always cut his hair. she has 5 boys so she learned how. smart woman. I tried to learn a few times, kept messing it up so I have been exiled from trying to cut or style his hair. I am however aloud to buzz it with the guard on...its literally impossible to mess that up. Anyway, I'm very into my book when I hear a faint " hey Katherine will you come go over my head for me". I pull myself away from the book and say okay. I walk into the bathroom, grab the clippers out of his hand and go straight up the back of his head.

Hhmmm. Apparently what he REALLy said was "hey Katherine, can you come get my NECK for me".

Well. Big difference. When he was going over his head the guard was ON so his hair was only being trimmed. When he does his neck he takes the guard off entirely so that there is NO hair left.

So he looks back at me and says "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??". I stop day dreaming about my book and realize that there is now a big bald spot up the back of his head. I just kind of stare at him with my mouth hanging open and start apologizing. Then we both start laughing. After that he was mad for a second and then came to terms with the fact he couldn't do anything about it and was a REALLY good sport about it. So we laughed some more and he shaved the rest of his head. I had to leave the bathroom after a little while though bc he was done laughing and I kept bursting out in laughter while looking at him. I couldn't help it. It really was funny.

He has been such a good sport about it. He hasn't said a peep about it since that first night. What a great hub. And I honestly don't think its a terrible look on him. Not his best look but if I didn't know him with something different, I wouldn't of thought twice about it.

Anyway, here is the pic. Keep in mind this was taken a full WEEK after the haircut.

As you can see, he was thrilled I was going to blog about it.

If anyone needs a haircut, I'm taking clients. Free of charge.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


well church starts at 1:00pm for us. its now 1:03 pm. thats right. we are playing hooky.

bj has been "joking" about skipping church for this "once in a year chance (superbowl) and MAYBE once in a lifetime chance with the cardinals" for the past few days. turns out however, that he was not joking. so...if you cant beat 'em, join 'em..... right? ;-)
thus, i am here blogging while we (he) are watching the pre-game stuff. kind of boring if you ask me. the house is clean and there are cookies baking though, so life is good. our 4 year olds at church will have to try to survive without us today. i know we will be greatly missed.

on a different note, nothing too exciting has been happening lately. except an addiction to THIS:
heaven. otherwise known as cookie doughnt you want some from cold stone. go get some. you wont regret it. i got carton of it other day "for the friends we were having over". i ended up having it for breakfast the next day. not okay. my advice: dont buy more than one serving at a time. you will regret it.

and THIS:
bjs grandmother gave us 3 trash bags full of them from the tree in her backyard. so we have been eating them like crazy people. now i looove them and crave them.

and THIS:
not him specifically, but the show. so good and funny.

and of course THIS:
loving this season people. so great. i am so glad they are narrowing people down now. i love picking my favorites.

speaking of american idol...are the rumors about david archuleta true??? did he really say he is not going to sing anymore??? WHY?
Oh i did think of something else new. i accidentally shaved the hubs head. oops. it really was an accident. i guess the guard was off and i didnt know, or something like that. how i manage to do amazing things like that on accident is a mystery to me. must take a lot of skill. ill save that for another post though.
have a good sunday! and dont forget...GO CARDINALS!!!!!