Friday, October 29, 2010


we're pregnant. yay!

i have been writing in my journal really often because i want to remember this time but i have not been very good about writing on here. but lets see ...we could not be more thrilled to be pregnant. so excited to have our own little family. i am constantly day dreaming about holding this little bebe (currently the size of a kumquat) and living life a family of 3. so aside from all of those obvious mushy feelings----pregnancy is hard. and i am only a quarter of the way through. ha! my mom was only sick with 1 out of her 5 kids, so i just assumed i wouldn't get sick. well ha ha ha ha because i did. throwing up and all. at about week 6 it hit me. i woke up feeling bad one day and i thought "oh this is because i didn't get enough sleep last night. or maybe i have the flu". wrong and wrong. it stayed and stayed and has continued to stay. for the first 2 weeks i cried everyday. seriously. every. single. day. probably 2 times a day. i could not imagine getting through a few more MONTHS of this all day sickness stage. and i would sit there hugging the toilet wondering very seriously why anyone has more than one child, what is wrong with these women! at one point i thought bj was going to bribe me to get pregnant again. now i may have to bribe him :-). and i may or may not have told anyone who would listen to never, ever get pregnant. or at least wait until you could quit life for 9 months. bc that happens so often. in one of the conversations with ashley, where i was warning her, i was telling her all about the little "treats" in this first trimester of pregnancy ..and she was laughing. and i was laughing. but while i was laughing, in my head i realized that someone, sometime had told me the same thing. they tried to warn me. but until you go through it, you just don't know the misery.


okay this post sounds so dramatic. wow. but its true. and maybe all you not pregnant at the moment women have forgotten. but don't worry, during your next pregnancy when this bliss comes rushing back to you, you can cry on my shoulder. i promise :-). anyway, i have some good days and some bad days. i am just sick and tired of being sick and tired. it will pass though and i look forward to the 2nd trimester.

other things about being pregnant:
- i love my long, strong nails!
- i love day dreaming all the time this little bebe
- i am up more than a full cup size. which is awesome.
- i am alwaayyyyys thirsty. always. right now i am on my 3rd liter of water and i feel like i could drink a whole pool.
-having to pee. allll the time.
-i love reading on baby center about the things my baby is going through that week. then going back almost everyday that week to read it case i missed something or something new shows up.
-bj is a champ. he has comforted me while i cry, sat with me while i throw up in the middle of the night, and has gotten me anything i need/want. what a good boy i have.
well that about covers it for now. i love my sweet husband and our little growing baby. this is a sweet time in our lives and i am grateful we get to experience it.