Wednesday, April 7, 2010

not normal

i am usually a big believer in "to each their own"...but i will judge you if you eat this:

KFC's new Double Down Sandwich, 1228 calories of artery clogging nastiness. yuck.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

colorado and 24

for my birthday weekend we flew up to Colorado to see audrie and her family. it was so much fun! audries new baby, addyson (love that name), is the most adorable baby i have ever seen. she has the prettiest eyes and she was smiley the whole time. i love her. i really hope that when bj and i have kids the Young family genes pull through because they make some very cute babies/toddlers. way cuter than the ones that you are related to. haha. just kididng. but not really. and actually, the Ingrams have great baby genes too. tristan, hayden and zealand are/were all super adorable. so really, i just hope that our kids don't get baby genes specific to me. bc i was one UGLY baby. this is a fact. im sure my family will comment on this post with the validity of that statement. i was hairy. all over. and bug eyed. and the hair that was actually on top of my head and not all over my body was really thin, wispy and always a little matted down. that phase lasted till i was 3 or 4. or maybe 13. poor, poor future babies. ill keep my fingers crossed for you.

highlights of the trip:
- chatting and laughing with aud (girl time really is the best)
-bj getting to go snowboarding
-sledding!! SO FUN.
- chance (6) wanting to shovel snow off the driveway to be like daddy. so. freaking. cute.
- kenedi and anything came out of her mouth. "thats FAIR MOM!". her fake laughing when we laughed while aud and i watched tv. the fact that when she walks she struts like she is off to somewhere very important. her dancing to chipmunks and asking bj to fill up her sippy with milk so she didn't "run out of gas". haha.
- addison the new bebe. i love her.
-there are more things to do with her kids but i will stop as to not seem like a child obsessed creeper
- making the boys watch new moon and eclipse for my birthday. muahah.
-the jcrew outlet right by audries house. jealous.
- yummy benihana and funfetti cake for my birthday.
-discovering snuggies

it was a great trip and i am really glad we went. i am excited for May when audrie and her kids are coming to stay with us for a week..right, audrie? right??? ;-).

in additional birthday news, i am now 24. and 24 sounds kind of old to me. but 24 is gonna be a good year. i can feel it.

this year i hope to
-run a half marathon. i can now run 3 miles continuously. don't judge. it used to be 3 minutes.
- a bunch of other stuff that i don't care to write out. clearly its all very important though and will definitely be accomplished
- and get pregnant!!!!!!! yes its true. and yes the only reason for this list was to say that. i can not contain myself, i am so excited. i am not off birth control quite yet..but soon-ish i will be. TMI? don't care. i will probably sing it from my rooftop the day i stop taking it. sorry about your luck neighbors.

now im off to make some cadbury mini egg chocolate cookies. those are hands down my favorite Easter candy. addictive little devils.