Sunday, April 29, 2012

11 months

11 months! right now miss kate goes around all day long jibber jabbering to everyone or no one at all. it sounds a bit like chinese and it's nothing short of adorable. she loves to be hung upside down, be on daddy's shoulders, to eat dirt (seriously) and do anything outside. shes in a little bit of a mama phase right now and cries when im not holding her, but i cant say i hate it completely. Except sometimes. shes easily entertained and laughs at about everything. still loooves sesame street. will eat pretty much anything we eat. looooves juice. we don't drink much juice in this house because i don't really love it and bj loves it a little too much ((as in, he will literally drink a half gallon of juice in one sitting. not exaggerating)). so although it's a rarity, when she gets chance to have juice, she takes after her daddy and gulps it down as fast as her little mouth will let her. oh and dont get me started on straws. yes, straws! seeing her little lips pucker over a straw is just freaking adorable. oh and shes a walker now! sort of. she takes 6 or 7 steps a few times a day, but prefers to crawl for the most part. she can give kisses and high fives. She will make her mouth into a perfect, tight little O and trys to say uh oh, but it only comes out as ooooooooooooooooh.

this little girl is something else. i love that she seems happy and secure in our little home, like she knows mommy and daddy are takin care of business. when i pick her up she gives me a look that says, "so mom, what's next on our schedule?" shes my little buddy and she knows it, it's my favorite.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'm in a funk and I'm not sure why. Don't you hate that? When you just feel bothered and blah but you can't pin point why. I do. So at this moment I feel like it's pretty much the worst. This funk could be because there are workers outside of the house right now and I fear they might wake up Kate. And if they do I'll have no choice except to kill them. Obviously. And then I'll go to jail...and that would suck. Or the funk could be because husband and I had a mini budget talk this morning and really, I just hate those. I always stress and think well wheres the extra money for this or that or these or...oooohhh that's the point of a budget you say? Hm. Like I said, lame. Or maybe I have no idea what the funk this funk is about and that's most frustrating of all. Yes, I think that's it.

I have every reason in the world to be happy and usually I feel that way. Really. As nauseating as that sounds, most of the time I literally think "holy crap, my life is freaking awesome".  And nooooo, it's not because I won the lottery or started a cool business or found my long lost talents even. But because while everything isn't perfect, what I have goin' on is pretty freakin' great. I have a beautiful little girl who is healthy and happy, a hardworking husband who loves our guts and a house full of projects over our heads. I belong to a church that gives me comfort and guidance on a daily basis. I know that families are eternal and have the chance to be with my little one forever. And that is something to be happy about, dang it! So I'm going to go be happy. And get out of this here funk. And take a shower. Yes definitely a shower. Because maybe in the end, it's just this 3rd day grease on top of this head that's weighing me down :-).

things to be happy about as of late

                                                                        yes please

playing in the warm weather with this babe

a competitive husband whose wife is better at juggling than he

getting to see this girl in a few weeks!

no caption necessary. but a little thankful those luscious cheeks aren't mine

that this babe is almost 1! what?!

window coverings that are finally in! and pretty ones at that

a husband whose sweet tooth I have converted to the dark side