Wednesday, March 5, 2008

today is just one of those days (they seem to happen quite frequently) that i am craving something sweet. until about 2 i was fighting the craving off pretty good. then i had a warm roll with homemade jelly and butter on it, which was good, but it still didn't hit the spot. i wish there was a place that delivered delish homemade Cinnamon rolls that look just like.....

this. but, as far as i know, no one does that. maybe i can talk bj into making them?? no, probably not. oh well.

in more exciting news, we have a washer and dryer now! hallelujah!!!! it has been so nice do all of my laundry and not make a production of it by sitting in the laundry mat all day. and now, when i have just one load, i can do it, instead of waiting until every last article of clothing we own is dirty. it is awesome awesome awesome. who knew i would ever be so excited about getting to laundry at my leisure?? not i.

also, i think i am vegetarian. strange. ive never been the type of girl to turn down a burger. or any food for that matter i guess. haha. but i have always loved meat. i recently read this book (which i am too embarrassed to tell you what it is called) that changed my view on it. i bought this book thinking it would be a stupid celebrity diet book (very guilty of loving celebrity related trash), but it turned out to be VERY informative. i read it a few weeks ago, and for the first week after i couldnt eat meat bc the info in the book was fresh on my mind. think- quotes from workers in meat factory's, stats on the lack of rules and restrictions the usda enforces on the handling and preparing of meat, the different steroids, hormones, pesticides and crap that is in meat...anyway, it just grossed me out. but i figured that i would be back to loving meat in no time. its been about three weeks now, and meat seems to gross me out more the more i dont eat it. i have eaten fish though. and dairy. the book suggests veganism, but ill be honest- i love ice cream/brownies/cookies WAY too much to give up dairy and eggs. thats just crazy talk. i would tell you the name of the book, but you would probably think i was a bad bad girl. its supposed to be a "no frills girls guide to healthy eating", so they cuss like sailors and are pretty crude. some of it is actually very funny, but due to my husbands reaction when i let him read a page, i will opt to not say (it is safe to say he did NOT appreciate their sense of humor at all). but i will say go to read up on meat and slaughter houses though. im in the process of finding another book that is equally informative and will let you know when i find it.

well, thats all folks. i should probably get some stuff done before good ol american idol comes on today. this is the first season i have kept up with it, and i must say- I LOVE IT. every piece of it.