Sunday, July 29, 2007

attempted pot roast. yuck.

2 blogs in one day.... im not sure exactly what that says about me. haha. but i wanted to get some help! so today is the second time i have tried to make a pot roast since i have been married....and it also happens to be the second time it has come out tasting like rubbery crap....and bj...oh sweet bj..haha.. he pretends to actually like it. haha. so, if anyone has a good crock pot recipe, and would like to give me a very detailed version of it....that would be just great! ... thank you and goodnight!

first blog....

well hello everyone. i had been flirting with the idea of getting a blog for a while....and now that marianne has gotten one, i just decided to do it. im not sure how often ill write, or if they will be entertaining....but at least it will be some way to keep in touch with some of yall i dont see very often. today has been just a lazy sunday....i am loving our calling in nursery, i have a blast. our class is the 2 year olds, and they are soooo funny. there is one kid in there that seriously talks like that old guy off of water boy that just talks giberish. i kid you not. its hysterical. haha. today i went out of the nursery to do something, and i came back in to find bj sitting there playing "horsey" with two kids on each leg...they were all yelling and was so cute.

anyway... bj and i are going to watch happy feet now because he has never seen it. so farewell!