Tuesday, June 30, 2009

camping in prescott

This weekend we went camping in prescott with al and jeremy. it was was my first "real" camping experience, meaning no bathrooms. i had to walk a quarter mile to go to the bathroom in the bushes, but i have to say it wasn't that bad.

when we first got there, i saw al and jeremy setting up their tent and it was the typical blue/grey square shaped tent. i expected ours to be the same. when bj started getting out his tent i laughed so hard! you cant tell from this picture but bjs is small and a skinny rectangle shape.... and its purple. he defended it saying that it is super lightweight for times when we backpack 10 miles during the day with the tent on our back (hopefully that never actually happens). he claims its a grey tent with "purple trimmings" .....whatever you say beej ;-).

this is us on our supposed to be "2 mile hike". the guys at the camp site next to ours told us that the lake was about a 2 mile hike away. they were a little drunk so that should of been our first clue that their prediction may not be accurate. round trip it ended up being about an 8 mile hike, which wasn't so bad bc the weather was so nice.
these guys had so much fun. the hike wore their paws out and they could hardly get around the next day.

it was a really fun trip with GREAT weather. bj was totally in his element and loved every second of it. his dream vacation is probably something along the lines of man vs wild, while mine is somewhere with a beach and a mall in close range. hopefully next time we will meet in the middle and simply have bathrooms near by :-)

Monday, June 22, 2009

happy fathers day!

happy fathers day to the three men in my life.

dad- your the best. i love our chats and that we continue to grow closer as i get older. i love your laid back style. i love the memories i have with you of us playing softball, or you teaching me correct form on my diving skills. i loved that you played with me and taught me its okay to get dirty. i love that you have always really believed i could be whatever i wanted, from an Olympic gymnast to a pro diver. and bc of your confidence in me, until a few years ago i still thought some of those things were possible. haha. i have since come to terms with some of my limitations, but you taught me to always believe in my abilities and strength. thank you for never letting me settle for less than you knew i deserved. love you.

dad young- thank you for doing such a good job at raising bj to be the man he is today. when we were dating he would always quote three things you taught him about how to treat his wife, and i am so grateful he had such a wonderful example of a man to look up to growing up. bj never fails to spoil me and i know its because of your example. i love that you taught bj how to do/fix practically anything, and that he will be able to teach our kids the same things. i love that you play hard with with all the grand kids and cant wait for you to play with ours someday. i am lucky to have such a wonderful father in law like you. i love you!

bj- you are going to be the best dad. your such a natural with children. i cant count the times little kids have liked you way more than they liked me. bad sign for me? haha. i love your sensitive spirit and cant wait to see you turn into mush in our little babies hands :-). love you.

ps- no bj and i are not pregnant.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

2 years!

on June 1st bj and i celebrated our 2 year anniversary!

i came home to a beautiful bouquet of stargazer Lillie's (my favorite) and a sweet note printed on one of our wedding pictures.

we went to Scottsdale and ate at one of our favorite Italian restaurants- maggianos. it was fun to talk about what the past two years together have brought us. 4 apts, 3 dogs, 2 schools, 1 house, 0 arguments...haha juuuust kidding on that last one ;-). i think we both have learned so much from each other these past 2 years and i cant wait to see what the next few years bring us. i love you bj!