Wednesday, April 23, 2008

this adorable little girl is our new (ish) niece! her name is sage michelle, and we cannot wait to meet her! it seems like everyone is having babies, hopefully our turn doesnt come too soon ;)

we are moving today! selling season for northstar officially starts on monday, so we are relocating to grand prairie for the summer. we dont have very much stuff yet, so aside from some furniture, it should be pretty easy. the forecast said to expect thunderstorms for the next few days (including today), but hopefully they hold out on us until all of the furniture is moved this afternoon :)

i wish i had some pictures to post of our little moose! he is growing SO FAST!! he is only 13 weeks old and weighs 25 pounds already! he has gained 10 pounds since we bought him. haha. i wish all of you could really be around him because he is possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life. except when he is peeing on my carpet. about that, he is not catching onto the whole 'dont go to the bathroom in the house thing'. its pretty stinkin annoying, especially to bj. i was at a study group last week, and during the middle of it i get a text from bj that says " i am putting moose on craigs list.".....haha. i guess he just kept going inside. gross, yes. but what can ya do, he is a puppy.

for all of you that dont watch american idol, its going great. i have been a die hard jason castro fan since the beginning (despite the fact that my mother-in-law and audrie both said he was too feminine, and i believe one of them may have even said that they couldnt tell if he was a boy or a girl. lol.)

but this week, i decided i also love david archuleta. he seriously has an amazing voice.

and im sorry, but brook white gets on my NERVES. she is always doing some strange thing with her lips and lipgloss, and is always crying. yea its sweet blha blah. im over her. and now that i have blogged a little too much about american idol, i will move on.

there are two movies coming out soon that i am so excited to see. the first is:

i think it looks so funny. hopefully i will be able to con bj into seeing it with me. the second one im excited about is:
haha. seriously it looks so funny to me. i cannot wait and will probably go see it on the opening night.

wish me luck moving today!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

spring break, easter and MOOSE

its been a while since i have posted, but in my defense- i have tried to post, but my pictures wouldnt upload, so i just waited. but there is lots to post and there will be lots of pictures this post!

spring break- we went to angel fire, new mexico to snowboard/ ski with the youngs! almost everyone was there (we missed you marianne) and it was lots of fun. bj and i couldnt figure out why we never went snowboarding in utah when we were there together.

chase and zach on the car ride there....

the whole young clan outside the cabin...

father-in-law brad and zach....

all of the boys on the first day posing trying to look tough. very cute picture, in my opinion :)

craig and chance sledding....

cute kinsey!

bj and i on the way to the top of the slopes!

the car ride there...

chase and beej

Easter- right after the trip bj went up to arizona, so we werent able to spend easter together:(. i went up to my moms though and that was lots of fun. tristan, who is four, did not want to take his easter picture so he hid behind a tree for a while. haha. it was pretty funny., so i documented it.

tristan hiding...haha.

after hiding, we got him to pose. this was the first try. we tried again bc there is just a little too much personality in this picture. haha.

final shot, much better :)

group shot with my mom, liz and tristan.

MOOSE- okay so heres the story. saturday we went with chase to traders village to help chase pick out a dog for him and melissa. before we went i told bj "we are NOT getting another dog, no matter what", thinking HE would want another one, bc he is such an animal lover. well....we get there and see this face:

and thats when i knew i NEEDED this little guy. he is seriously the CUTEST thing i have ever seen. i had to talk bj into it a little (or a lot...whatever), but we ended up coming home with this 8 week old, 16 pound, adorable boy chocolate lab. i am so excited to have him. i did forget how much it sucks having to potty train them, but its so worth it because he is so stinkin cute.

i mean really, who could turn this guy down??? not i.

bj and littler moser at his parents house this weekend.

zach and dustin with cosmo, dakota and moose. bjs parents have a yellow lab named cosmo who dakota LOVES. this is such a cute picture.

the whole fam! Bj, kat, dakota, and moose.

so, we therefore we have a new dog :) he is supposed to grow to be 110 pounds- WOW. we are pretty excited about that part, we have always wanted a big dog. you may be wondering where the name moose came i picked dakota, so he wanted to pick this name, so moose it is. i actually really like it and think its cute.

well that is all for now....the semester is winding down (woo hoo) and we are just preparing for another summer with northstar.

oh, and i hope you all watched american idol tonight. i watched and even voted. how lame. haha. but i am only a little ashamed, and will probably vote next week too. oops :)