Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Someday I'll post about more than Kate. Today is not that day. Bc shes 10 months today and I've got a sweet baby book in the making, so I've gotsta do what I've gotsta do. Sorry :-). Life is going good out here though. We are all moved into the new house and alllllmost all unpacked. I love the new house. I love that its older and has quirks but that we were able to make it feel like ours with some of the updates we chose. We still have a lot (!!!) of work to do, especially outside, but it's a fun process. Im enjoying the work and endless projects a lot more than I realized I would. Having a little space out here is really nice, too. Kate and I go outside and pet the horses and ride around on the quad daily. It gives us something to do and she loves it. That girl cant get enough of animals in general. I fear I'm on the losing side of this "no inside dog" battle. Blast. what else.... My mom moved into our basement a few weeks ago, I made some curtains, got hair extensions, we saw wicked and I almost gave up sweets for a whole week...Sort of. Tristan is here for his spring break this week, that kid is hilarious and I love having him here. He's been a great helper and is so polite and funny funny. Anyway.. Life is good, busy and we are just trying to keep up! And Kate is 10 months, so here we go-

At 10 months- Kate is almost walking! Waves byebye, has starting getting into cabinets (ie everything, gotta baby proof - stat!), loves animals and being outside, has started a pterodactyl-esque screeching whenever she feels like it and it's weird/annoying?!, hates having her diaper changed, loves the dirt, and is even more obsessed with manny (the stuffed manatee) now.

This month was so fun! I feel like this is the first month that her own preferences have really come out and I love it. Sure she's had minor preferences before this but they've most likely been due to the fact that i expose her to certain things more frequently than others, yes? Yes. But now she has favorite books! Yes! The very hungry caterpillar, guess how much I love you and brown bear, just to name a few. Blueberries are her fav and she will eat them before anything else on her plate and then pterodactyl screech for some more. she laughs so hard when we tickle the palm of her hand and when we stop she reaches her little hand out again, waiting for us to do it. Oooooh, oooh such a fun stage this little girl is in. And dont get me started on sesame street. She couldn't care less about the tv but if if I put that on, the girl is hooked! Anyway, the end! I'll try to blog more soon!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

9 months!!!

Oh 9th month, I like you! Actually I love you. It's funny to think that Kate spent 9 months in my belly and now she has spent 9 months out here with us. It goes without saying that the party outside is waaaaay better than the party inside. Although pretty much any party not involving pregnancy gets a thumbs up in my book. In the past 9 months the learning curve, sleepless nights, uncharted new parenthood territory ...all of these new, hard things seem to fade to a fuzzy backdrop for all of the good that parenthood has brought into our lives. Becoming a mother and experiencing this journey with Bj is really everything I ever hoped it could be, and it's pretty freaking fantastic. Kate makes our world go round, our hearts melt, stop and hurt all at the same time. I'm not sure how things could get any better than they are right now, but word on the street is that they do. Bring it.

At 9 months:
Weight: 18 lbs -- 30th percentile
Head: 17" -- 40th percentile
Height: 29" -- 85th percentile

Kate loooooves her binky. She is such a binky baby but I kind of love how everything is right in her world once she has that silly thing. She love love loves "manny", a stuffed manatee given to us from a friend. She drags him everywhere and gets so excited when we bring him to her. She loves to share food with us and will eat pretty much anything. Except yogurt with chunks. If it has even the tiniest piece of fruit she will open her mouth and let it all out. She's recently discovered she can take food out or spit food out of her mouth. So that's nice. Except not at all. She loves the horses, Dakota,  and to be tickled and chased all day long. She loves to be read to, baths and time with daddy. She loves her mama but daddy definitely has a special spot in her heart. She takes 2 naps day and for the most part sleeps pretty good at night.