Monday, August 18, 2008

better late than never....happy anniversary!

june 1st marked our first wedding anniversary, and it has been such a great year! not every moment this past year has been pure bliss (shocking, i know), but marriage really is the best. i love that it provides us with experiences to learn and grow from, on so many different levels. maybe im just slow in life, but i feel like i am continually being stretched and (almost by default) progressing each day. and i love it. it really gives us the opportunity to try and become our best selves, plus we get help from a hottie along the way ;)

on the 1st bj called me at work and told me to be at the house at 4:30p.m. when i got there, there was a note on our bedroom door that said

"go to the mall and find a pretty dress. be back by 6:45 SHARP. when you get back, look for your next clue in the top dresser drawer".

so, i went to the mall and found a pretty dress. surprisingly, i was back on time. the next note said

"Now, take a shower and get ready in your new dress. i know you, so i have given you until 8:00pm to get ready. at 8:00 get in the car and put the address at the bottom in the GPS. pack an overnight back for both of us and bring it with you."

i followed the instructions, and the GPS took me to a restaurant in down town dallas, where bj was waiting in a suit and tie. we both ended up not liking the restaurant very much though. it was referred to bj from a friend who said it was amazing. however, after eating there we came to the conclusion that people really only eat there because it is expensive and "hip", or something. there was a live band playing REALLY loud , and we literally couldnt hear each other talk over the music. they brought out our food, and it was a little like that credit card commercial where the guy asks if they brought him elf food. haha. im sure tons of people love that restaurant, but its not not really our type of thing.

after dinner bj gave me another address to go to, and said he would meet me there. the address took me to the hotel we stayed at our first few nights as newlyweds. in the room there were rose petals on the floor, and the bj had put the top layer of our wedding on the table. i was very excited about that because while i am a lover of any tradition, bj thinks it is a little odd to voluntarily eat cake that is a year old. haha.

the evening was really great, and it was nice to get out and just be with each other. i loved the thought and surprise he put into each part of the youre the best and i love you!!!!!