Thursday, February 25, 2010

mom comes to visit!

this past weekend Bj was in canada for work, so my mom used that opportunity to come visit me in az. it was SUCH a great weekend. much needed mom and daughter time. since we live so far away i forgot how great it is to have my mom around. i didn't forget how wonderful she is, i just forgot how nice it is to have a moms suggestions, comfort, helpful tips and laughter around. there really is nothing that compares to that good ol' motherly love. saying that i loved having her here is an understatement. i wish she would move here tomorrow. really.

we had a blast shopping, eating, laughing, having girl talk, getting pedicures, enjoying the beautiful az weather (before it got cold and rainy), seeing a moving and laughing a lot more.

highlights of the trip:
-the hobbit sweater
- my mom crying from start to finish when we saw the blind side. great movie. she loved it. i knew she would.
-having someone around who loves sweets as much as me.
-coming home to a spotless house on monday. baseboards. blinds, fans, everything. and ALL of my laundry done. perfection.
- finding clothing that was NOT black and white ;-)
- the adorable heels we found for her at dillards that were normally $120 marked down to $29.99. turns out it does pay to have unusually small feet :-)

low lights:
-finding out how much it costs to custom frame a wedding picture at hobby lobby. i walked in thinking it would cost about $35 to frame our 16x20 wedding photo....wrong. way wrong. it would be $150. and that's half off. barf.
-only taking one picture together the whole weekend

favorite quote of the weekend:
kat: you can go ahead and shower in this bathroom.
mom: okay go out
kat: mom. you can shower with me in the same room. i have the same parts you do.
mom: yes we do. but i don't want to depress you when you see what your future holds.


love you mom, come back soon!

Monday, February 22, 2010

New toys

a few weeks ago "we" got some new toys. they are "ours", just like when i buy home decor it is for "us" :-).

bj is such a guys guy and loves all things boy. i really didn't care if he did or didn't get them but i do admit i have had more fun watching him with them than i thought it would. he is so dang cute with how excited he gets about going out on them and getting all the accessories for them.

last week bj and i went out so he could show me how to ride "my" quad (the sliver one). i have been on one a few times before but in my family there are 4 girls and only 1 boy so we didn't really do these kind of things that often. i wasn't expecting it to be lame but i had no idea it would be so much fun! i was probably going super slow bc its a new thing for me and i was nervous but bj was so patient and was happy we were just out playing together. we played hide and seek on the quads and that was one of my favorite parts. except when bjs hiding spot was way better than mine. haha.

here they are:
ps check out that beautiful scenery, i love where i live.

bj with the toys

after hide and seek we found this little baby jump and bj taught me jump over it. he is a pro and had no problem clearing it.

this is my first try...try to ignore how incredibly attractive i look. i know it may be distracting for some.

this is after a little practicing. ignore bjs doubting commentary in the background...i think i'm a natural ;-)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

love day

i love valentines day. i love that its whole purpose is a celebration of love. and i love it because its the day bj proposed to me :-). every valentines we go eat at Maggiano's little italy and as usual, it was delish. their cheesecake is super yummy so we got it to go because we were both too stuffed to eat anymore. after dinner we made our way to the hotel suite bj booked for us to stay in that night.

bj booked our hotel online, so neither of us had actually seen it before....and our hotel "suite" didnt end up being quite what we thought it would be. the street we stayed on had 3 or 4 hotels right next to each other. so, we pulled up to the hotel we thought we were staying at and it looked great. i was so excited to get out and find our room! then we realized we were at the wrong place. ours was the hotel next door. so im thinking, oohh okay im sure it will be great too. we drive over to the correct hotel. hmm. it looks a little dingy but im sure the inside will be beautiful. we get our things and go in. not quite the plush hotel we were imagining. hmm. im sure its fine, maybe the lobby is just a little outdated and the employees are aloud to have wrinkled clothes. sure. check in, walk upstairs. sweet 1980s carpet on the way up. our room will be great though, im sure. walk inside....and no, it wasn't so great. it was just like the rest of the hotel. it wasn't a cheap room and it was in a nice area so we just stood there a little confused. it was already paid for though, so we got over it and made ourselves comfortable. i wish i could remember exactly what the description of the "suite" was on the website bc as we were walking through the room bj was quoting it to me and i was laughing so hard!! the descriptions could not have been further from what was actually in front of us.

an obviously pleased bj showing off our room

and here she is
the modern popcorn ceiling
the huge bathtub..
one thing i DID love were the mirrors!! you knows those mirrors that make you look like a much taller, more slender version of yourself?? they had these all over the place. and i loved them.
bj showing the huge tv that was slightly bigger than his hand
sweet furniture
and it wouldn't be a holiday if bj didn't ruin a perfectly good picture

despite the hotel mishap it was a really great valentines day. we got to laugh about the hotel all night and morning...and it still makes me laughing just thinking about it. haha. it was also kinda fun to just spend the night away from home.... even though we knew our bed at home was more comfortable :-). bj gave me some really pretty earrings and i gave him a nice pen with his initials engraved on it (that still has not come in the mail yet..what the crap).

thanks for making it a very memorable and special valentines, beej. love you!