Tuesday, October 14, 2008


being the worlds worst blogger, i failed to mention that bj and i were moving to arizona. we have been here since the 28th of september, and we LOVE it! we closed on our house on september 29th. i know, i didnt blog about that either, shame on me. although i didnt blog about it, i love love love our house. it's so cute and perfect for us. its actually kind of a funny story-

bj went to arizona for some training during august, while he was there he looked around at some houses. he found one he liked, took pictures to show me and told me all about it ect. a few days later, he sat me down and very seriously said "katherine, do you really like this house? are you 100% SURE???". i assured him that i did indeed love it, and thats when he said "great. bc we are going to put an offer in". haha... shocking??? yes. i was super excited, but also a little shocked bc we had only talked about getting a house, but not that seriously (or so i thought). everyone thought i was mad at bj for buying it without me ever seeing it in person, but he really did a fabulous job. all of the little things we talked about wanting in a house, he made sure to include. he has great taste, and it all has worked out wonderfully. its been so fun putting the house together so far.

i feel like i have become a boring person to talk to because decorating has consumed my mind. i think about all the different options to decorate with so often.... when in reality i have not actually decorated anything yet. i have only pained one room. twice actually. the first color i picked out looked fine on the sample, but on the wall it looked VERY similar to a blue you would find in a little boys nursery, so i had to change that up.. haha. now its a much more muted blue, and i think it looks a lot better...hopefully at least, bc im not painting it again :-)

we live really close to two of my sister in laws (we miss you audrie), and its really nice to have familiar faces close by.

i loved our ward on sunday. there are 700 members in it, or something crazy like that. we are being split in a few weeks though. there were tons of young people, and so so so many babies. i previously said i wanted a calling in nursery, but i retract that statement. there are too many of them, and it may scare me away from having my own :-) haha. just kidding.

anyway, here she is- she is a beaut and we love her! come visit us. haha.

oh yea! virg is moving out here too!!!! i am so excited about that. she will be here in early november, and will start school in january here. all of bjs sisters finished school out here, and they loved it. virg is really active and loves outdoor stuff, so i think she will fit right in.

i go to provo tomorrow for heathers wedding, and then to huntington beach this weekend for a girls trip with my mother in law and sister in laws. i will post lots of pics when i get back! have a good week!