Monday, November 10, 2008

heathers wedding, girls trip and the cruise

in october i had the chance to be a part of heather FERGS wedding. it was really so much fun. she was a beautiful bride and they couldnt of looked happier as they came out of the temple. it was great to spend a few days with heather preparing everything for her big day. everything turned out beautiful and the reception was a BLAST. i am not much of a dancer, so at other receptions i have been to i have always held back on the dance floor. this time though, i figured i didnt have anyone to impress so i may as well show off my fabulous dance moves- and it was so much fun! here are some pics of the weekend up there:

the coslett clan

all the bridesmaids

making the center pieces
bffs reunited!
the beautiful bride!

the morning after her reception i flew to huntington beach for a girls weekend with my mother in law and sister in laws. i missed the first day and a half but was able to be there for the last two days. we ate, went to the beach for a min, went shopping, got makeovers, talked and shopped some more. it was such a fun weekend and i cant wait until next year!
all of us at the beach
audrie and marianne with the lady who did their makeup
marianne getting her makeup done!
there were not enough dressing rooms and we had to show each other our clothes why not pile 5 people into one dressing room???

the floor of our dressing room. yes, they employees must have LOVED us.
the next week was the northstar cruise to cabo san lucas. it was so much fun, except for me getting sick the last day- boo. virg came this year and it was great to have a girlfriend there to hang out with. i was determined to not get burned this year (last year i didnt put any sunscreen on and was MISERABLE bc i was so burned), so i layered on the sunscreen thinking i would get a perfect bronze through the sunscreen after a few days. wrong. i got nothing. oh well, there are always tanning beds :-) haha. the day in cabo we just walked around to all the shops and ate at this little mexican place that was really good.
we were even lucky enough to spot this gem on our walk back to the dock.
haha. dont ask bc i dont know. all i know is virg walked right up and started snapping pics of him. haha.
virg and i on the boat to cabo
on the boat
after dinner one night
eating in cabo! yum!
bj was able to spend time with his mission buddy aaron wheeler. i love it when those two get together, they really are like little girl BFFs who giggle and talk the whole time. he would kill me if he knew thats how i described their relationship on my public blog. buts it true and its cute.
it was a really fun month of trips for me, but its nice to be home!!!! i have started working and i really like it. i cant believe its already almost thanksgiving. crazy. i am loving this cooler weather and getting EXCITED to put up some christmas stuff. woooo hoooo. bj gets irritated when i play christmas music before thanksgiving. imagine that. ;-). so im trying to hold off as long as i can. wish me luck.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


i need yalls help! i am trying to pick general paint color for the interior of the house but i cant decide! i was told a study was done over interior paint colors to show which has more appeal to the general public and a tan/taupe came out to be the winner. i have also read that tan make it look smaller inside. and that white is too boring. i know its just a matter of preference ....but any suggestions???? :-)