Wednesday, December 22, 2010

utah trip

this weekend we went to utah to see these bjs brother and brenna get hitched .

the lovebirds:

everything was beautiful and we were happy to be with them on their big day
it was FREEZING outside. i am pretty sure i almost died.
only 1 minor emotional breakdown due to being freezing, starving, and momentarily not being able to find that little purple ribbon that is tied around my waist. these emotional "moments"are getting a little too frequent for my liking.
after the wedding festivities i was able to spend lots of time with these two
saturday night us girls made dinner for all of the boys. 2 of bjs very good friends/comps on the mission came too. it was so good to see aaron and meet greg for the first time. so all you single ladies, these two boys are STUDS and are not engaged yet. one of them may have a girlfriend but really, unless there is a ring, who cares. ha ha just kidding.
we played lots of games...and LOVED IT! we are not big game players but heather may have converted us. we stayed up until after 1am both nights...pretty much a record for me these days. it was all fun and games until the bully (heather) and a few others who shall remain nameless (mckell, nick f and bj) started getting all competitive. their game faces went on and heather quickly informed me that the weak and slow go down fast in the world of games. survival of the fittest. got it, heather, got it.
on the way to the airport on sunday we stopped by the temple to look at the pretty lights.
no lies though, i am pretty sure the arizona temple lights are just as pretty :-).
bffs with our husbands

the weekend was really fun and i am glad we were able to fit so much into a few days. i did forget how cold utah was and that unless you are snowboarding, anything active and outside is kinda out of the question. yet another reason why arizona is fabulous year round :-).

tomorrow we are off to colorado for christmas and the day we get back we find out what we are having...yay!


Sunday, December 12, 2010


life is good. a lot has happened since i last blogged but since my husband likes to steal my camera, i documented none of it. the weekend before thanksgiving my sister caroline and my mom had a layover here so we were able to hang out for a night and that was really fun. for thanksgiving my mom came in for a whole week and it was great to spend time with her. the day after thanksgiving bj caught the stomach flu. the next morning virg caught it, that afternoon i caught it and that evening my mom caught it. sorry to give you stomach flu on your way out, mom :-(.

i finished all of my finals this past week so now i can play for a month! woo! i also finished most of my christmas shopping this weekend. no christmas tree for us this year though. boo. its just hard to justify buying and decorating a tree when we dont have kids yet and we will be out of town for the holiday. next year though, we are FOR SURE getting into the christmas spirit. until today there was not a trace of christmas in our house. we have a few christmasy things in the closet but i wanted it to look complete, not just a few dinky decorations here and there. so naturally, instead of putting up what we do have, i just complained that to the hubs that he was a scrooge for wanting to stick to our budget instead of going all out :-). tonight though, he was in charge of cleaning downstairs and i was in charge of the upstairs. when he was done he called me down to look and sat there beaming while i looked around. not only had he cleaned the heck out of the house but he hung up our stockings on the railing, put out our santa candy bowl, laid a christmas book on the table and hung up this christmas quilt my step mom made me. he is really a rare breed. so cute. and i have to admit, some decorations do look better than none.

oh yea, pregnancy is going well now! right around week 13 i started feeling a lot better! i was still queasy for a few weeks, but nothing like it was. now, at a little over 16 weeks i am feeling like a million bucks and its great.
pregnancy info :
*i am still getting up to pee far too many times a night.
*i am finally starting to show a little
*cravings: hmmm. i am not sure i have any real ones. everything does seem to taste better pregnant. i have always gone on these kicks where i find a food i love and its all i want for a week and then i forget about it... so its hard to tell if its pregnancy related or not but these days i am loving celery with peanut butter or ranch. yum. there was a week where if i could have eaten cheese enchiladas for every meal i would have. luckily i have some self control and only them once. okay twice. ive been working out though, so back off. luckily the enchilada infatuation is over and now i am just trying to eat as healthy as i can around the holidays. oh actually something that IS pregnancy related is sweets. before i got pregnant i was totally a sweets person. if i craved something or wanted something calorie loaded, it was allllways sweets. right now, not so much. ill still eat it if its there but i don't want them the way i did before.
*i think i have felt the baby move. there are times, especially at night, when i feel this weird sensation in my stomach. its not like kicks but its definitely something. i have never been pregnant before so i cant be sure, but i think that's my little nugget moving around!
*we find out in 2 weeks and 3 days what we are having...cant. freaking. wait.
*now up 2 full cup sizes. and now i would be okay if they stop growing. seriously. enough is enough! bj would beg to differ though.
here are the bump pictures thus far:
2 months
3 months
4 months