Monday, July 7, 2008

congrats al and perry!

okay, i have seriously neglected blogging this summer. shame on me. so first up, i need to congratulate alayna mulkey on her engagement!

alayna is one of my closest friends from high school. despite the fact that we rarely see each other, we have remained close over the years. i love her and am so excited for her and perry!!

the two love-birds on al's graduation day from unt

i just thought id throw this one in for good measure- us playing dress up in high school. or maybe freshman year in college? hhmm. ill stick with the high school story. haha.

i am so excited for you and perry. you are going to be a such a beautiful bride! AND despite your fears of being bridezilla, everything is going to be perfect:) i am so excited to be part of your special day, and cannot wait to help you plan. i love you two!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

table dancer

todays a saturday, which equals a long day in the office. i went to the bathroom, and came back to this....


im pretty sure he was going for the chocolate covered pretzels next to my phone. seriously. he steals food off of our desks all of the time. and the worst part is, he is sneaky about it.

one day i had some breakfast on my desk, and noticed part of my muffin was missing. i noticed, but i really just assumed that my admin got hungry and ate half of it (sorry kendra haha). later on when i was the only one in the office (with moose of course), i went into the other room to do some inventory stuff and came back to the rest of my muffin AND all of my donut holes missing!!! moose was also pacing around my desk giving me a guilty look. haha.

oh geeze. my last two posts have been about moose.

maybe this is what my in-laws were talking about when they suggested we have kids