Thursday, December 13, 2007

the secret language of babies

well right now im watching oprah and it is so interesting. its about "the secret language of babies"...i dont know how legit it is, but its pretty all ofyou new mothers and mothers to be, yall should find it online and watch it. ive never been a huge oprah fan, but ive been recording her lately and her shows are always pretty entertaining. but you know whos show is NOT entertaining? tyra banks. i hhhaaattteeeee her show so much. i dont know why, but it drives me nuts.

well not to much has been going on with us. we finished finals today..wooo hooo. tuesday i finished all of our christmas shopping and while i was out i also got this really cool oil warmer from bath and body works. i really enjoy good smells, and this thing works great. once i light it, my apt smells good in like 10 min. its great.

every winter they bring out a few festive scents for lotions and stuff, my favorite being winter candy apple. and if you happen to have an oil warmer thing, they have oil in that scent right now. so, i suggest getting some before the season is over. haha.

we are very not festive this year. i loooooove the holidays, but for some reason this year all we have put up is this snow man candy bowl that i keep chocolate in....for bj of course. haha. eh oh well, there is always next year :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Youngs Biggest Winner!!!!!

bj and i have decided to have a little friendly competition. we recently bought gym memberships (two days ago)....he would like to gain 10 pounds, and i would like to lose 10 tonight we started THE YOUNGS BIGGEST WINNER program! haha. there are no specific rules, just whoever gets to their goal first wins and gets x amount of money to do what they please with. SO, wish me luck guys! if yall have any advice on how to drop weight fast....pass it my way! ill keep yall updated on how its going...wooo hooo!