Thursday, January 29, 2009

My bestest best

my life long friend ashley wrote a blog yesterday on how much she loves me. as i was writing a comment to thank her and tell her i loved her too, nothing i typed felt like it was expressing how much i really loved her. so instead, i am returning the favor:

blow dryer,
i love you too. and here are just 5 of the reasons why.
- napkin

1. as long as i can remember ashley has always had cool things. she loves fashion, cars, shoes ect. but what makes her unique is that in no way, shape or form do those things or have those things ever defined her or made up a part of who she is. for example:

one time right after christmas when we were really young, like 8 or something, ashley came over to play. she brought over her new light blue jansport backpack. inside were her new white and blue adidas tennis shoes, still in the box and everything. she took them out, and while lacing them up for the first time, she told me how much she had been wanting them and how much she loved them. we both thought they were so cool. after all, they were adidas ;-) we were getting ready to go outside and play and she says "do you want to wear my new tennis shoes??". i was in disbelief. i cant remember exactly what i said but i know i ended up wearing them the rest of the day. all day we played in the mud and climbed fences and ashley didnt say a word about being careful with them or getting them dirty. she didnt show an ounce of wishing she could be the one wearing them the first time or regret that she let me wear them. i dont know why let me wear them, but that whole day i remember feeling special and wondering why on earth someone would let break in their new shoes.
to anyone else, that probably sounds like a silly memory. to me though, that shows some of ashley true character. stuff has always and will always be just that to her- stuff. although she has interest fashion and whatnot, she truly only cares about the real guts people and life have to offer. and i love that about her.

2. which brings me to # 2. they ( as in the book i read called what your childhood memories say about you) say that your early memories are there for a reason, not by chance. it says that at the time of that memory, your subconscious was attempting to figure something out, and that the experience you remember was the answer to that question it was trying to solve.

ashley and i played together 239489840348903 times before and after that shoe memory, but that is the one that always sticks out to me. i think i remember that particular memory because it answered my question as to what a true friend is. and i guess in my 9 year old world, a true friend was one who would let another break in her new tennis shoes.
i have handfuls of memories with ashley like that. my point with all this is that without ashley, my life really would have been different. and not just the little things. big choices and views on major things would have been completely different without her. i believe we only meet a few people like that in our lifetime, and ashley is one of those people for me.

3. ive become a cry baby. its true. although i aspire to be one of those people who is tough and never cries, i have come to terms with the fact i am a big fat cry baby now.
things were not always this way though. before i was married (sorry to pull that switch-arooo on ya beej) i almost never cried and definitely never let anyone else see me cry. everyone has their moments though. you know those moments when things are just too much and although you dont want someone to comfort you, what you need more than anything is to just have someone hug you while you sit and cry. everyone has them. anyway, back when i was not such a cry baby, ashley is one o the few people i could turn to during those moments. ashley always listened the way i needed and said the right things at the right moments. i am so grateful to have a friend like that.

4. ashley will tell it how it is no matter what. she is honest whether you want to hear it or not. if she doesnt think something i am saying is funny, she will stare at me with a blank face instead of fake laughing. haha. its refreshing and i love her for it.

her outspoken ways have also made it so she always sticks up for me. i am not always the most outspoken, ashley knows this. in return whether i am actually upset or not about something SHE gets upset for me. its funny and i love that she sticks up for me and cares so much.

small example: ashley came to visit before thanksgiving. we went to the movies and on our way to the line, we passed a mexican who said something to us in spanish. i am pretty sure he was hitting on us bc he whistled and looked us up and down. just a guess. if it had of just been me, i would have just kept walking and ignored him. people think im mex all the time. its whatev. but not ashley. my white friend with blondish reddish hair, bright blue eyes, who is almost 5 foot nothin' and CLEARLY does not know spanish, whirls around and says "EXCUSE ME, I KNOOOOOW SPANISH. AND YOU ARE RUDE". or something like that. hahahha. how could you not love her??? seriously.
5. i looooove laughing with her. we are always laughing when we are together, regardless of if the thing we are laughing at is really that funny. when we are together things are just funnier.

we are ALWAYS on the same page. when we lived together i really think it kinda freaked people out because we can know what the other is thinking just by a glance. and she always knows when im lying. she doesnt always call me out on it but i know she knows. haha. she is the bestest best friend anyone could ask for and i love her!!!!!

i love you ashley!!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

oh no. claims our unborn children will look like this:

and this:

lets keep our fingers crossed this is not accurate :-)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dear Mom,

Happy late birthday!!!! In honor of you turning 28 this year, I thought I would do what you have been asking me to do forever- send updated pics of the house!!! See, I AM a good daughter :-).

I hope you know how wonderful you are and how much I look up to you. Throughout my lifetime you have shown me the true meaning of love, and for that I am so grateful. You're the best.

Ps- Hurry up and move out here already ;-).

pss-for everyone who is not my mom, please excuse the million pictures of the house. There are a lot of them but what the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets.



The house

The entry way
Entry way table (with the cute candy jars from Costco that I got for $20!)
Dining room with dining room table

living room, from the dining room
the TV area (bad pictures oops. I'm already upstairs though so I'm not taking another one :-). Also the only picture i have hanging up so far. we will get there though)

The kitchen area from the dining room

Kitchen, with the ugly supposed to be brown but turned out diarrhea colored paint I got. don't worry though, Marianne helped me pick out a chocolate brown today that will look great!

oh dang, who is that hottie in the downstairs bathroom?

The downstairs bathroom is shaped too odd to get a full pic, but you can see the tan paint in both pictures. AND I know you have missed these guys :-)

The stairway. kind of. Just thought I'd throw in this for good measure. haha.

the loft upstairs

Our bedroom. I don't think the blue looks quite this blue in real life. It's more muted. I think. I hope.

The other part of our bedroom

Our bathroom

Our bathroom

The hallway to the other rooms

The guest bathroom

The guest bedroom

The guest bedroom again

I didn't take a picture of the other guest bedroom because its full of nothing and its not painted.

I hope you enjoy this though and tell me if yall hate or love the blue! love ya mom!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

funny husband

during church bj and i were talking about having babies, baby names ect. this is how some of our conversation went:

BJ: if you REALLY wanted to get preg now, we could
Kat: you are so sweet. you always want what i want. why?
BJ: ...bc otherwise you get cranky.

ah, so charming.

Kat: i can tell we are going to have a girl first
BJ: bc we are having a hard time coming up with girl names???
Kat: yea
BJ (with a frightened look on his face, he holds out his hands and starts counting off...) what about chelsea, brownie, cupcake, sprinkle, fudge, or twinkie....


Kat: what if we named one of our girls blake?
Bj (in a very matter of fact way): ....then everyone would think she is a boy.

...true. maybe.

bj has this innocence about him that makes him brutally honest without meaning to be. he is always making me laugh, even if he is not meaning to, and i love that about him. husbands really are great! ...most of the time ;-)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

saturday is the day to get ready for sunday...

So today at the gym i saw a little old woman laying on a big blue mat doing crunches. when she was finished with them, she very slowly got up and proceeded to grab her walker and push herself out of the gym. is that a little strange to anyone else??? she deserves points for for still going to the gym at that age....but it was still a little odd.

speaking of the gym, i have a new toy that i LOVE and that has made me to go the gym consistently for two weeks now. yea i know two weeks is short. in MY world however, two consecutive weeks at the gym is a miracle.
a while back courney john told me about a polar F6 heart rate monitor. her sister lori, who has a six pack (and she has TWINS mind you), uses it and loves it. so courtney was telling me about how it works and it sounded really cool. it monitors your heart rate, and by doing so it tells you how hard you need to be working in order to make your workout most effective. it shows you the exact number of calories you are burning bc it knows your height, weight and age. it also logs your weekly totals so at the end of each week you can know how long you worked out for and the total calories burned. so anyway, bj got me it for christmas and i am loving it. maybe its silly, but it really motivates me at the gym bc i can see exactly how hard i am or am not working.

so thanks for the advice courtney! :-)

tomorrow we start our new calling- teaching CTR 5! there are TEN of them and i am so excited!!!! i think 4-5 year olds are hilarious. i am sure they will be a handful, but fun nonetheless. the only downfall is that the little hellions may work as birth control for us and push our plans of getting preg this summer even further down the road....kidding ;-) sort of. haha.

and no, i dont actually know these children. they came up on google when i typed in "classroom of 4 year olds". creepy? slightly.

i made these chocolate chip cookie dough brownies to bring for the class tomorrow. bj keeps telling me we are not aloud to bring treats anymore....but i refuse to believe that. i always loved the teachers that brought treats....and thought the ones who didnt were lame. so if i have to win these 4 year olds over with sugar, so be it.

here is the recipe if you guys are interested-

yum. ill let you know how they turn out :-)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i was going to try to play catch up...but that would take MUCH too long. so ill just say....

american idol has started and I LOVE IT! i cant wait to see what this season has in store for us. haha. a lot of people love these first couple weeks where they weed out all the freaks, but i like the show from the top 24 and down. its more fun. however, i still watch the beginning otherwise i would miss out on little jewels like the bikini girl or the self proclaimed 'sexual chocolate' man that preformed for us last night.

another note on tv shows, i have recently discovered i love love watching them with my husband. he is hilarious. he will say things i dont expect to hear from him and it makes it me laugh out loud.

anyway, just thought everyone should know its on so that yall dont miss out :-)