Saturday, February 26, 2011


i love valentines day. with life being so busy, its nice to have 1 day set aside to remind those you love, just how much you love them. plus, my valentine is a hunk.

our schedules are pretty crazy this semester so for valentines we just wanted to relax at home. that morning i woke up extra early to make bj breakfast in bed. and by bed i mean kitchen. omelette's, hash browns, fruit, and oj --yum. accompanied by a sweet note, of course. that night i came home to flowers, a note and a yummy steak dinner cooked by my one and only.
happy valentines!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

little cutie

4 weeks ago we found we are having a little girl! we are so excited. well, now we are. i wont lie, bj was slightly (majorly) disappointed when we found out the baby was of the girl variety. and i was maybe a little. me- only bc i knew how excited bj would have been to have a boy. bj..well for obvious reasons. a few funny things he said after we found out:

"a girl??? what am i gonna do with a girl???? im supposed to have a little buddy to hang out with"

bj: this is your fault

kat: reality its YOUR fault. literally.

bj: you would say that, wouldn't you.

haha, what a dork.

after the appointment we went to buy a few outfits to celebrate knowing the gender. i knew he was a little bummed so when were in gap i let him pick everything out. it was really cute to watch him walk around with these little pink pajamas and a flowery pink dress with matching shoes. i could tell he was starting to warm up to the idea a little. after getting home that night, we were sitting on the couch watching tv. bj was looking around and he suddenly informed me that our 2 story house was too dangerous for a little girl and we were going to have to move into a 1 story immediately. haha. aaaannnd the next day when i got home from work he had installed an alarm system. really freakin cute. i just love that boy.

here are some pictures of our little gal at 19 weeks.

cutest profile i've ever seen

to be honest im not sure how this picture shows us that shes a girl. when i asked the ultrasound tech if she was sure, she said "unless your little boy has a vagina then it is definitely a girl". so i went with it.

here is a little video of her moving around. so cute. actually its probably only cute to me and my mom. and maybe ashley. so there ya go, mom and ashley. she moves around alll the time and i love it. during the ultra sound the tech kept making comments about how active she was. at both of my appointments since then the dr commented on how much he can hear her move while we are listening for the heartbeat. its so fun. and surreal that there is a little baby in there just baking away. strange. her kicks are starting to get much harder now. sometimes they catch me a little off guard. in 4 weeks we have our 3D ultra sound appointment, which i am so excited about.

that's all for now. tata.