Friday, August 17, 2007

Kristophers mission call!!!!

YEAAA! today we got to open kristophers mission was so fun. thanks to three-way we were able to have the whole family on speaker phone while he opened it.

kris with his call waiting to get ahold of everyone...eeeek.

the letter.....
bj pretending being the paparazzi....haha.
bj and i being really excited...or something....haha.....
...and opening his call!!!!!! he is going to the san jose california mission...wooo hooo! he leaves on october 24th....congrats kris! we are really excited for him, and plan on writing him alot. when i told kris that i would write him all the time, he said "yea probably about as much as you wrote bj". haha. regardless of what bj claims, i really was a good little pen pal :)

here is a video for those of yall that were not able to be there with us....enjoy!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

normal roast, yea!!!!

good news.....last sunday i finally was able to make a normal tasting pot roast...hooooraayyy! i followed ambers recipe and it turned out we took some pictures to document the occasion. not much more to say about it...just wanted to let everyone know. haha. thanks amber :)

the yummy food...
cutting the at the table...

and this last picture... its just me of me ironing on sunday...but i wanted to show off brads favorite appliance... the iron....he loves it because its digital. weird. :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

denver aquarium

last night we went down to down town denver to the aquarium. it was nice to get out of the house and feel like normal people again, with the hours brad has its really hard to go do things. we took a million pictures...and here are a few...

in the car on the way...

one of my favorites, the starfish..woo hooo

brad being eaten....


in the coral crawl...yeaaa

the potbelly-sea favorite bc they are so darn cute and actually have these cute potbellys. haha.

and this last one is just us in front of a tank of was a really fun night and brad really loved all the sharks and turtles. they have diving and snorkling with the fish and sharks there, so we might try to do it. well. im going to take a nap. goodbye.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

too early....

so its 7am and i have been up since 4 not feeling well. blech. bj on the other hand is in bed sleeping like a baby. trying to use my time wisely, i naturally decided to get on our blog. haha. i have been sitting here trying to figure outhow to put a picture by our "about us"...and cant figure it out. but since pictures are fun and im bored, im gonna post some.
this was one of our engagement pictures, and the one i wanted to use in the 'about us' hopefully you will see that up there if i ever figure this thing out.

this was the view from our hotel room on our honeymoon! it was sooo pretty. too bad i was/am afraid of sharks and would only go so far into that beautiful water. haha. on our honeymoon we went on this airboat ride through the everglades and saw all these animals....including alligators! sick. haha. they were big and there were lots of them. but it was actually a really fun ride.

after the air boat ride, we went to this alligator show. at the end we got to take pictures with this little guy. thank goodness bj didnt mind holding it, bc there is no way i would of held it. even though its mouth was taped up, alligators give me the hebi-jebies. eek.

well yall...i hope yall engjoyed my random, very long blog....but im gonna try to go to sleep or bye!