Sunday, April 10, 2011

baby shower!

This past Saturday was my baby shower at Amber's house. The decorations were adorable and the food was delicious. I have such creative and generous friends and family who spoiled me and baby Kate with so much.

The hosts preparing Some of the cute decorations Yummy food from Lion House The cake pops Rose brought Opening gifts The shower was a lot of fun and I was happy that so many people were able to make it. Thanks Amber, Marianne and Laurie for throwing me such a wonderful shower. It turned out great and I loved every second of it. You guys are the best!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


If you fall into this category, I probably don't like you. As of right now. And maybe forever. The dental office I work at sees mostly older patients. The elderly are supposed to be endearing, wise, sweet, happy, tell cheesy jokes and be laid back.


Most are condescending, feisty, have lame humor, sometimes smell, are grouchy and slow.

I KNOW I am young. This does not mean you can give me crusty looks while you figure out that the bouquet of fake flowers next to your hand is actually a bouquet of pens with flowers on them. Every office DOES THIS, catch up already. And no, you can't take one home, that's the whole reason we have the flowers on them! And no, there is no senior citizen discount on dental work, BECAUSE you're all old. Yes his name is Dr. Sandstrom. Not Sandstorm or Sanderson. When I try to nonchalantly say his name back to you in the correct way so that YOU don't look dumb when you talk to him, do not correct me back. I'm pretty sure I know the name of the dentist I work for. oh and you spent $945.00 dollars here??? 3 years ago??? Well whoop-a-di DOO. NO you did not "practically help build the office" like you think. And yes, everyone uses that same lame joke. No that does not make you entitled to free cleanings forever. And NO it's not okay to bring a grocery sack and fill it up with our toothpaste and floss samples.

I do realize this is probably a product of my pregnancy hormones at their best. I do not care.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


help. i was under the impression that "nesting" meant you had this undying urge to clean, organize and get everything ready for the baby. while it does entail all of the above, it has also given me an almost uncontrollable desire to decorate my entire house. for the baby. the baby obviously needs a new sectional, throw pillows for my bedroom, a picture frame collection for the upstairs hallway, an over sized clock for the loft and a shelf for my entry way . Yes, the baby obviously needs all of those things. help. me. please.

happy 25th birthday to me!

I love being spoiled on my birthday and this year did not disappoint

at work we ate this amazing cake.....

.... i was given these amazingly comfortable slippers from the hubs...

...while I was at work Virg hung up 25 reasons why she thinks I am great all around the house...

...had a girls birthday night with my sister in laws and mother in law. We ate yummy food and saw this

...and I received lots of birthday calls, texts and cards in the mail. I used some birthday moolah (thanks dad and lynn :-)!) to buy my first sewing machine. I am pretty excited for school to end so I can learn to use it.

It was a wonderful birthday and I am grateful for my family and friends who made me feel so special.