Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Utah

Heathers baby shower was a perfect excuse to go to Utah for a long weekend. I spent a lot of time with the cos sisters, jono, Mandy and z. Loved them, loved the shower-- it was seriously perfection, ashleys got skills! After looking at these pictures you are probably in disbelief that ashley handmade all of those amazing decorations and put everything together in such a perfect way. AND you're most likely overjoyed she is a permanent fixture in your life thus you can forever mooch party planning tips from her. Hey! I was thinking the same thing! There was a small (slightly unnecessary?) hospital trip that involved a new mom and super cute baby. Hhhmmmmm anyway, Heather was the cutest and most hilarious preggers ever. Oh those Coslett girls, I just love them. Even that little blondie Celeste. Turns out she's all grown up and just as wonderful as the first two.

Here comes picture overload.

6 months

6 months has been fun, lots of new developments in the babe which is oh so exciting for this first time mama. At 6 months Kate sits up like a big girl, says dada... I'm pretty sure there is no word association there but ssshhhh don't tell Bj :-). Obsessed with her dad and flirts with him anytime he is home. Interest in food has gone way up and she needs a thousand bottles a day if I don't feed her real food a few times a day. I'm trying to make the majority of her baby food and so far she hasn't rejected anything but seems to prefer "salty" over "sweet". Super ticklish, especially her collar bone, jaw bone and thighs. Size 2 diapers, 6 month clothes and newborn shoes. Sleeps from about 7-7 and takes 2-3 naps a day. Super smiley. Loves being outside and thinks dogs and feeling dads scruff are hiiiiiiilarious. Loves bath time and books. Pulls herself up on our hands and likes to walk while holding onto us. Shows absolutely no interest in crawling. Loves her toys, exersaucer, water, and eating her toes. Hates cold bottles and being too tired. She's easy going and forgiving to us as newbie parents. Has us wrapped around those baby fingers and we couldn't be happier about it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Small talk

Bj outside of Kate's room listening to her say "dada dada dada".

Couldn't contain his happiness and had to go get her out of bed.

Pretty cute. Both of them.

"you're going to be so spoiled and you don't even know it yet"- dada

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5 months

Lets try to remember. At 5 months Kate.......

Sleeps from 8pm-7am, for the most part. Naps are here there and everywhere.... Har har. Has sampled- banana, avocado, butternut squash, peach and rice cereal. Getting much better with solids but doesn't need them regularly. Knows her name. loves being outside. starting to cuddle more. loves toys and books. Reaches out her cute shaky arms to be picked up. Size 2 diapers. Wears 6 month clothes. We are completely obsessed with this little babe.

TOFW weekend

Time out for women was amazing. If you get the chance, GO! Some of the speakers I could have passed on but the majority did not disappoint and I left feeling uplifted, motivated and happy.

Ash was here for 4 WHOLE days!!!! Aside from TOFW, the weekend was full of junk food, lots of yip yapping, getting to know Kate (ash), finding a great pair of boots (me), and enjoying that familiar comfortableness that comes from spending time with a lifelong BFF.

Can't wait till next year.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Park schmark

Thursday, November 3, 2011

i squashed her

what happened to my sweet, even tempered, never fuss baby? i ruined her, that's what. in my defense, her helmet made me do it. i'm okay with letting my baby cry. i know sad sad sad, not everyone agrees with it, blah blah blah. if she is tired but doesn't want to go down, since i am the only one in this duo who can asses the sitch, it's up to me to give her what she needs-  SLEEP. even if crying is the only way to get her over-tired self there. but this helmet....this damn helmet. yep, i'm turning into my mother and saying wimpy cuss words to show just how mad i am. baby kate will probably laugh at me behind my back as i did to my mom when i was younger......but little does she know im saying the not so wimpy ones in my head. and maybe during nap time. or anytime she is out of earshot. oh and those days i hate my husband. booyah. back to the helmet. since we've had it, if she cries before a nap, i worry it's because the helmet is hurting her. so i go in to check on her and often take her to my bed and lay with her. sometimes naps get passed up completely bc in my bed she is distracted OR if she doesn't fall asleep in her bed, i just go get her up after a while.... ect ect ect. well, a sleepy kate is NOT a happy kate. the beast ain't no joke, peeps. at the park this morning i was talking to another mom about it. she said something about how we are not doing them any favors by not forcing them to sleep and that when babies don't get enough sleep it really changes their personality. i have discovered that is the TRUTH. lately her little personality is not what it once was. so, im done feeling sorry for her. it's been two weeks. time to adjust, baby kate. right now shes up there screaming her chubby face off, but i wont be retrieving those sweet cheeks from that bed for 2 hours. we went to the park this morning, she had a bottle before and after the park....shes was stimulated, fed and changed, now the babe must sleep!

does this look like a happy babe to you? cute, yes. happy? maybe not so much.

so aside from that life is great. 4 weeks of class left, FOREVER! oooohhhhh i am so excited. ashley comes into town for Time Out For Women today. which is basically EFY for adults and it's amazing.  next weekend i go to utah for heathers baby shower and then my momma is coming out here a week or so after that. the holidays are just around the corner and we are moving into the other house next month sometime. exciting things happening in the Young household these days. somewhere in the mix my house is always dirty, showers have become negotiable, i'm balding and my baby wont sleep ....but life is good. i still need to blog about san fran, bj's mission, and kate's 5 months....but the screaming is a liiiiitle distracting. so for now i'm off to drown out the noise with some reality television while i clean my house. may the force be with me.