Monday, August 31, 2009


So in my diversity in education class, i sit next to a girl named brianna who is 18 years old, fresh out of high school and is about to get engaged. she is really nice and is always chatting it up with me. she is LDS too by the way. today our convo went something like this:

brianna: oooh pretty ring
kat: thanks!
brianna: how long have you been married?
kat: a little over two years
brianna: wow! and your 23 right?
kat: yea i am

about 5 or 10 min pass as the teacher is lecturing. then i feel a tap on my shoulder.

brianna: sooo, i dont mean to pry but like do you guys want kids at all? or are you just never going to have them????
kat: no we do want them, we just took a while off school so we want to get a little closer to finishing school before we start trying
brianna: OH! okay. sheesh, i was worried about you for a minute.

haha! it turns out even people not related to us are worried we will never start having children ;-)