Tuesday, February 26, 2008


i picked a layout and and it erased all of my friends/family links...so if your not on there, thats why...and let me know so i can add you again! how do i make it not erase them? adding all of those links back may have been the most annoying thing ive done in a while.

okay here are the pictures of the new hair.

now...your probably thinking "um katherine, i cant really tell a difference"....but let me tell you- there is a difference. my hair was sooooo long before, that having it not hang down half my back now feels AMAZING. and the color..you can kinda tell but at the same time you cant. i go back and forth on if i like it or not.
i feel a bit silly posting these pictures of my just myself. but ill get over it. okay thats all, have a good day everyone!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


how do i do a new layout for my page??? i looked at the ones they offered but none are cute like the ones yall have! where do i get one???


okay here is an update! i am supposed to be doing my public speaking homework...but i think i will blog instead :). i cant believe its already almost march. the summer will be here before we know it. woo hoooo. nothing too exciting has been happening with us lately. i was however permanently fired from the position of bjs barber. lol. one of the many great things his mother can do is cut mens hair. she has 8 kids, 5 being boys, so over the years she became pretty good at it. we live about 10 min away from his parents house, so his mom always cuts his hair. i have cut it once, but that was with laurie (his mom) standing next to me telling me what to do. so anyway, laurie was in arizona for about two weeks because amber was having her baby. so bj decided that his hair was just too long and that i needed to cut it right then. So he got out our scissors and told me to cut it. i was a little nervous, but figured i would do okay. oh, i was wrong. haha. do not trust me to cut anyones hair bc i did a terrible job. by the end i couldnt stop laughing bc it looked so goofy. he did not think it was as funny, and at that point gave me a dirty look, took the scissors away from me and walked into the bathroom. luckily, beau came over shortly afterward and saved the day by buzzing his head. here is the damage, i dont think the pictures show just how jacked it was, but here ya go anyway.

see how happy he is about it?? he especially loved that i was taking pictures of it. haha.

haha. anyway..it was pretty funny. in better hair news, my hair cut turned out great. the highlights on the on other hand....there are not very many, so they are not too noticeable, but it is still strange getting used to them bc i have never had them before. i think as far as the color goes, im just going to stick to my natural color from now on. i thought i had pictures of it but they must of been erased so i will have to take some more. right now it not that time because my hair looks not so great, but tomorrow i will fix my hair and post some.

aside from that nothing too exciting is going on! here are some some pictures though just because.

the most adorable picture of bj and dakota looking out the window together. sorry its sideways, i dont know how to flip it.


pretty roses from bj

and this last picture is of me and my sister in laws in arizona last year. hopefully we can come to arizona soon, love yall!!