Friday, September 23, 2011


i do have some actual events to post on. good ones. mission reunion trips, a day in san fran, bjs birthday......unfortunately, my mind is not occupied with important things that the moment. instead, it is filled with ideas on remodeling a kitchen. a kitchen in a house that we may move into. or maybe not. a kitchen that i may get to cook in one day. or maybe not. and a kitchen i may possibly have say of what goes in it. or maybe not. you see my problem?

the hubs and i were talking about kitchens last night and he said he does not like white kitchens. say whhhhhaaaaaaa?! is he crazy? clearly. while we were in cali he must have smoked something extra special because really. whats not to love????!?

oh i die. a thousand times over. white cabinets, dark wood floors, creamy granite, a farmhouse sink...... nothing short of perfection.

hypothetically, lets say ...ahem, that my husband was to make all of my hopes and dreams come true with one simple decision and we went with white cabinets. we would probably use a tan creamy granite because it's what he uses with work a lot so he can get it for cheaper. or that's the story i get, at least. which reminds me to check that out. the boy is  a very good salesman and in this sitch, i might not put it past him to... stretch the truth, if you will. 

SO, examples of said granite:

i do believe with right combination it could turn out equally as dreamy as the pictures up top, no? the hubs is all "white is trendy, blah blah, dark wood is classic, blah blah".  but guess what?? i like classic things. things that will stand the test of time and still look good in 10 years. and when i googled "timeless cabinet color" guess what came up over and over again???! WHITE.


now. clearly all of you agree with me. to humor me though, could you tell me your thoughts on white kitchens? before i go and actually decide on white cabinets and possibly ruin my kitchen. and life. forever. once its decided, we can't go back. ever. bc the money will be spent. and it will be known that it was 100% my choice to go with white cabinets. and since i decided to make my bed of ugly white cabinets, now i must sleep in them. forever.

but it's not like that would happen anyway because white is the obvious choice.

but just in case.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

texas trip

last summer our dog duke ran away while we were in texas. we searched for him but he was no where to be found, so we had to come back to az without him.  last week, through facebook, someone thought they found him. we looked at pictures and in the pictures the dog closely resembled duke. last saturday morning bj spoke with the people who had the dog and it sounded a lot like duke. bj was convinved it was him. (sadly i think it was more of a see what you want to see type thing).   saturday afternoon we packed up and drove to texas with beau to see if it was duke. i was not convinced it was actually duke, but it was a good excuse to see my family, so i was on board! the drive was not nearly as bad as i thought it would be, especially with a baby. kate did great and only cried probably a total of 10 minutes each way...and with each way being about 15 hours, that's pretty dang good.

the weather was AMAZING!!!! it was 80 degrees every day we were there! so great. the first and a half day we spent in denton with my family. liz and t were finally able to meet kate, we had lunch at my sisters, made a red velvet pazookie, and just hung out. that night tristan and i slept on the trampoline together. i was able to spend a few hours with quinn and alayna and it was fun to catch up. after that we went to midlothian where bj took a little trip down memory lane. we visited his old house and a few of his childhood friends. we stayed at chase and melissa's that night and met their new baby girl for the first time. it was a short trip but all the driving was totally worth it. i cannot wait to go back for 2 whole weeks during christmas!

*oh, it did not end up being duke. maybe next time. while we were in texas i made a joke about my current dog(toby)  playing in traffic while we were gone. and he did. twice. oops. he survived though. maybe next time....juuuust kidding ;-). 
with liz and mom
tristan and liz meeting baby kate

beautiful liz

on the tramp the morning after

hangin out

me and the t-man
love the top picture with kate crying

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noni with kate
with quinn and alayna
eating at nanas yummy