Monday, October 24, 2011


The babe had a bit of a flat head. So we did what we had to do. Actually her pediatrician said she didn't have to get a helmet. After all, his daughter has a super flat head. And now that she's 12, as long as she isn't wearing pigtails, it's not that noticeable, not really anyway. Hhmm about that. Kate sort of hates it but is getting used to it. It can't be comfortable, so for her sake I hope the next 8 weeks fly by. I think she's diggin' the new paint job though.


The Himmer Family said...

I had a friend who would decorate her sons helmet with cute vinyl decals. One of them said "I do my own stunts" across the back. She did it with UT horns once, I thought it was a cute way to have fun with it.

Mindi Smith said...

that's so cute! she's adorable even with a helmet! Jude almost had to have one of those. We're already trying to keep crooked-head-Koen away from getting one.