Wednesday, August 29, 2012

15 months!

height: 33inches 95th %
weight: 21lbs 30th %
head 17inches 25th %

The biggest change I've noticed as of late is Kate's ability to understand us. She understands when I say that we are taking a bath, going to bed, getting a snack, going to the other room...pretty much everything I attempt to communicate with her. It's really nice to have that communication there and I cannot wait until she can talk enough to give us a glimpse of whats going on in that little head of hers. Kate is  becoming progressively more attached to her blankie and me. And I sort of love the me part. I really am the apple of her eye, and it's pretty much awesome. I love doing everything with her and that we are such buddies.

at 15 months...

Hates having her diaper changed....unless I'm asking what various animals say, then shes cool with it. Seems to have dads taste buds- prefers salty over sweet but loves juice or otter pops. ((barf)). I can confidently say pizza is her favorite food. Starting to cuddle more!! Loves to lay her head on my shoulder when i carry her and loves to snuggle up and have her back scratched ((another similarity to dad)). When she is trying to show compassion toward someone/ something, she makes this around that is a mix between aww and oooh..... And goodness its cute!!! Constantly fiddling with my heart neckless and also loves trying to rip my eyelashes out... Rude. About 10 teeth now. Size 3 shoe. Current favorite book- peek a who. Sleeps great- usually from 7pm-ish to 9am-ish...aweeessoommmmeeeee. Takes one 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. Is an insane woman at church. I typically chase her around the whole 3 hours and by the time church is over we both need a nap. Only 3 months until nursery- holla.


Darin & Misty Ralphs said...

Katherine - your little Kate is the cutest! I am emailing a link to your blog to Heather hoping that it will make her baby hungry. You look like such a cute mom too!