Wednesday, August 29, 2012

broken arm

A couple of Sundays ago we were all in the basement and Kate decided to swan dive off the couch. Okay, maybe that's not exactly what happened but it might as well be. That little girl has no fear and just walks wherever she wants, even if it's right off the couch. After the fall she cried pretty hard for a good hour, which is very unusual for her. We decided to give it until the morning and if it was still bothering her, we would take her in. The next morning she was using her arm, reaching for things, crawling up and down the name it. With the exception of extending her arm completely, she was back to normal. We chalked it up to a bruised elbow and let it go. Plus, she had a well check appointment scheduled in 8 days so I figured if it was still bugging her, I would just ask then. The well-check came, x-rays were taken, x-rays came back.... with the results that her arm was fractured in 2 spots! And it had just been hanging out, all broken and crap, for 8 days! So sad! The next day we had a cast put on, and she is now the oblivious wearer of the tiniest purple cast to ever exist. I've really only seen her notice, examine and touch it a few times during meals, haha. It hasn't slowed her down one bit. And now every time she falls, I think about the fact that another broken bone would probably earn me a call from CPS. Which incidentally I had a dream about and it was no less than terrifying.


Clint, Marianne, Sage and Charlotte said...

She's got the BEST facial expressions! Such a cutie.