Thursday, January 24, 2008


i have an apt to get my hair cut on tuesday, and i am super excited about it! it is getting to the point where i dont even fix my hair because it is too long to deal with, so im ready for a change! i have been looking online at pictures of girls with curly hair, and this is what i have come up with

i really like how her hair is layered enough to make it look good, but not too layered as to make her look like a clown (those of you with curly hair can relate). so im going to take those pictures in with me and hope for the best. i am going to the same girl that my mother in law and sister in law go to, so i am sure it will turn out fine. i am going to try out some highlights too. i have never gotten any, so i am gonna take ashleys advice and start with "hidden highlights" and just do a few carmel colored ones. that way, if it turns out bad, i can blame her :) haha...just kidding. ill post some pictures after i get it done...wish me luck!


The Himmer Family said...

I LOVE her hair- but mine would never look like that, lol
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Clint & Marianne said... have curly hair??? How did I not know that?!