Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 4th

We ((and by we, I mean I ))were too hot and too tired to do much for July 4th, so we decided to just grill out and anyone who wanted to come, could! Bj's parents and younger brothers, Thelma, Liz and Tristan ended up coming over and aside from sweating the entire time, it was pretty fun. Brad brought a homemade rocket launcher over and it kept everyone entertained. Kate missed her nap because we swam all day at my moms, so she was pretty grumpy and fell asleep long before any fireworks started. I keep telling Bj that next year we WILL have a pool. From experience, I know my current state of pregnant misery is easily forgotten. Once a sweet baby is here to love on, all of these aches, pains, throwing up and emotional ups and downs ....they go out the window. But this heat. I'm fairly certain this heat is the exception. Arizona heat + pregnancy = a misery that will NOT be forgotten. In the spring I'll remember this time and will demand we start construction on our pool.  So, next July 4th we will begin out annual Young 4th of July party. And you're all invited. See ya then.

this about sums up Kate's mood for the night